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For over 40 years CRST Specialized Transportation has lead the field in all things high-value.

We transport high-value freight,
like priceless art and super
high-tech equipment.


This work allows us to offer high-value pay, and programs that put turnover around 18%. That’s not a typo! Our owner-operators don’t want to leave. We don’t want them to leave either which is why CRST Specialized Transportation is not like any organization you’ve worked for. That’s something we can look you straight in the eye and say with confidence, and pride. We even hand-pair dispatchers to drivers so that a true partnership emerges. Many pairs have lasted decades until someone retires. Imagine a true friend having your back.


Here's just a few of our money saving programs


• 12 Cents-Off Fuel Cards.

• Toll-free every state.

• State Of The Art Trailers That Save Fuel.

• Lower Miles, Lower Weight — Less Wear And Tear.

• Solos earn up to $189,000 and Teams earn up
        to $265,000.

What really sets us apart is a high-value relationship mindset. We hand-pair dispatchers and drivers. These bonds last for decades. Imagine a true friend supporting you out there!

High-Value Sign On Bonus

        Solos: $3,000

        Teams: $3,000

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Solos earn up to $189,000
and Teams earn up to $265,000

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